Welcome to OUT OF LA

I created Out of LA to inspire all to break free from routine, get out of your head and into the wild!

I believe that our experiences with nature have the power to heal and my mission is to make our connections with nature, ourselves, and with each other more accessible.

I provide easy to use travel guides, gear and pack lists, inspirational videos, photographs, and anecdotes of my own travels to share the light of the landscapes in this magnificent world.

Go, to the people and places

that set a spark in your soul.


I provide travel inspiration as well as practical information to make adventuring a reality.

Though I find the idea romantic, I know most of us can’t just sell all our possessions, quit our jobs and hit the road in pursuit of the vagabond life. But it really is possible to balance the real world and our commitments with our passions and desire to explore.

My guides were created for YOU! To provide tips directed toward different budgets, interests, and lengths of stay, as well as short videos, photographs, and anecdotes of my own adventures to share the light of the landscapes in this magnificent world.

Why Do I Travel?

It calls on perspective whether by humility afforded by the vastness of nature, or the way others live their lives.

It inspires gratitude for the thrill of seeing something new, as well as for the beauty already existing in the folds of everyday life.

It empowers me. Getting lost, overcoming the inevitable obstacles that come with a departure from our comfort zone makes me feel strong, as does the confirmation that I haven’t let setbacks stop me from pursuing what I love.

It sheds insight into alternative healing, and in general, different ways of doing things.

It sets the tone to encounter some of the world’s most extraordinary people.

Destination Guides

Central Coast


Joshua Tree Integratron Destination Guide

The Integratron


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