Tieks: The Ultimate Shoes for Nurses

February 28, 2016

Tieks: The Ultimate Shoes for Nurses

It’s a common struggle for nurses: you get tired of wearing the same old sneakers just because they’re supportive, so you try the newest “best brand ever” only to find out they have all the same problems of past shoes you’ve tried. When I first noticed everyone wearing Tieks, I assumed it would be the same story, even though they all had nothing but good things to say.

For those of you unfamiliar with the brand, Tieks are luxury ballet flats that are known for going above and beyond. I knew several nurses who had already been wearing Tieks ballet flats, but with a base price of $175, they’re definitely a splurge purchase for me. I decided to do a little more research before taking the plunge. After reading through the company’s site, I was impressed by both the craftsmanship and the brand authenticity. It was time for me to try them out myself!

Tieks are crafted from fine Italian leather. I knew they had tons of colors to choose from, and everyone at work has good things to say about wearing them. In total, I’ve probably spent more than an hour just looking at the various styles, colors, and texture options that they offer!
I also LOVE the “Play With Color” search function they have on their homepage – it helped me finally come to a decision of Navy and Bronze!
Metallic Bronze
California Navy
I wanted to make sure I selected the right size. With my current spine and hip issues I am VERY cautious when purchasing anything that could cause MORE pain since I already have enough of that to go around. I took the time to check in and talk with customer service team – they were incredibly quick to respond and SO helpful!
Tieks only come in whole sizes, and they suggest sizing down if you normally wear a half-size (unless you have a wide foot or sometimes size up in other shoes). Their exchange policy is worry-free, so you take no risk in trying out the smaller size. If it isn’t right, you just notify them that you need a different size, and they’ll ship it immediately. They also cover the return shipping of your original pair!
My Tieks arrived within two days of placing my order, and I instantly recognized why this brand is so successful. The packaging was sooo cute and well thought out! I felt like I was unwrapping a present! And who doesn’t love presents?
While opening my present (to myself, from myself), it’s clear that so much love goes into, not only the creation of the shoes, but the packaging and delivery as well! Inside they provide a personalized handwritten note (which absolutely blew me away!), along with care instructions, and two storage pouches. I can tell this company truly values their customers and goes above and beyond to show it.
From the elastic flower ribbon band (which you can totally use as a hair accessory) to the unforgettable Tiek Blue Box.

I had seen many avid fans claim that Tieks are the comfiest and the greatest investment ever, but I will admit that before getting my pair I was a little skeptical!

I thought, there is NO way that’s possible – right?  I mean, my shoes NEED to be “comfy.” When I say “comfy,” I mean orthopedically-designed, tried, tested and proven little-gems that literally help to reverse the unnatural and unprecedented amount of walking, running, standing, squatting, lifting, and pulling that a New Graduate Labor and Delivery nurse goes through on a daily basis.

I needed shoes cute and comfortable enough for me to stand on my feet during a 12.5-hour shift, which always seems to turn into a 13-14 hour shift, while preventing any foot pain PLUS the added feat of not adding to my back pain.

Nurses, physicians, healthcare professionals and teachers (basically everyone who stands on their feet for large portions of their day) know that not wearing the proper foot attire can, and will, cause increased foot pain and/or cramps.

However, I am not sure that everyone knows this: standing all day without the proper foot-support leads to imbalances in posture. These imbalances are the LEADING CAUSE of chronic pain, especially back pain. If not corrected these imbalances will lead to long-term, chronic issues that are difficult, painful, time consuming and extremely expensive to rectify.

My California Navy Tieks match my scrubs perfectly!

The first true test for me was how my Tieks would hold up on my regular 12.5 hour shift. Well, not only did they hold up through my entire shift and keep my feet, legs, hips, and back pain-free, but they were also the source of many compliments!
It’s no surprise that Tieks are such a great solution to this comfort dilemma of mine. Tieks have advanced foam cushioning in the heel and insoles that provide your feet with comfort throughout the day, even during long-term wear. They also have non-skid rubber soles, which are exactly what I need to prevent clumsy slides around the slick hospital floors.
My Metallic Bronze Tieks are perfect for a long day at the hospital and transition easily to a night out with girlfriends.
A few days later, I went out to grab some drinks with friends after work, and I didn’t even switch into my boots! In reality, I didn’t want to switch into my boots — my Tieks were just too cute and comfy to take off!
IF I suddenly felt compelled to switch into my boots or heels, I could have kept my Tieks folded up in my purse easily.
Tieks’ signature split-sole allows you to fold them right in half for simple storage. There’s never been such a convenient way to alleviate the suffering of the one + two combo that my 13 hours shifts and heels ultimately cause on my body.

So, recap!

These perfect little well-designed ballet-flats will send your soles to heaven (get it?).

  1. Tieks are a sound investment, without a doubt.
  2. Comfort is off the charts
  3. They’re super durable so they’ll last you!
  4. The craftsmanship is superb
  5. Easy Returns/Exchanges policy: I mean this makes it a NO-brainer ladies.

All of these reasons should have you online browsing all their super cute colors, like right now…..hmmm, maybe Olive Green or Leopard or Ballerina Pink?

Gift Tieks

I’m telling you, this is your GO-TO GIFT for your hard-working nurse-girlfriend, your exhausted-physician friend, your newly graduated med-student daughter, your over-worked anybody. Since you will likely want to wear them as soon as you receive them (like I did), you’ll be happy to know they have a cushioned back as well.

This doesn’t mean just softer support on your Achilles ladies – this also means it’s unlikely that you’ll get any blisters on the backs of your heels when you start wearing these bad boys!

Traveling With My Tieks

For your next travel adventure, check out my Tieks: Travel in Fashion AND Comfort post here. I detail how I still manage to look chic while traveling and keep my back pain in check.

I wear my Tieks through the airport. They are perfect “slip-on and slip-offs” to help you slide on through security, and if necessary to wear my “clunkiest” pair of shoes through the airport (for packing reasons:) my Tieks are SUCH an easy pack for my trips, I mean look how small they are!

Have any of you tried out Tieks yet? I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts on them and what color you think I should try next?! Comment below with your love and light.

Disclaimer: I bought my Tieks with my own money. All thoughts shared in this post are my own.

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